Remedial Massage Sydney

Stress out and tired from a long day of work or simply want to pamper yourself?

Relax and unwind in our luxurious treatment rooms with scented aromatherapy oils. Regular swedish and remedial body massages provide a variety of emotional and physical benefits, helping:

  • relieve stress and improve emotional¬†wellbeing
  • improve circulation and range of movement
  • ease and tone muscles
  • provide the deep relaxation that allows our mind and body to recharge and rejuvenate
Our qualified remedial massage therapist Horono is certified with the Sydney School of Massage and has magic hands that can soothe your tight muscles and release those tough knots.
Horono will assess your back and work on certain trigger points to accelerate your lymphatic system to flush out toxins to have your body back in shape.
At Fields of Beauty we specialise in swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue and remedial massage treatments to help you with both physical and emotional healing.
Why not include one of our luxury body massage therapies with another beauty spa service or facial treatment in an indulgent spa package.
Experience the absolute relaxation and stress relief with our massage treatments.

Massage Menu:

Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage
Duration: 60 minutes
This massage uses firmer pressure to work on problem areas and is tailored to help relieve pain and tension. Perfect for those who like a deeper massage.

Swedish Body Massage
Duration: 60 minutes
This classic massage is deeply relaxing and perfect for stress relief, circulation, lymphatic movement and general well-being.

Neck and Shoulder Massage 
Duration: 30 minutes
Designed to target areas of tension, deep pressure induces relaxation and relieves stress and strain

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